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Flatwork Ironers
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Flatwork Ironers

Lavamac flatwork ironers – professional and commercial ranges

Lavamac LR Line – professional ironers

LR Line, 1000 – 2000 mm length

This product line is determined for professionals as restaurants, catering companies, pensions or small hotels. The maintance of professional ironers is very simple to help end-users with their laundry.

Professional Ironers offer unlimited variable temperature control and high ironing pressure.

There is possibility to install professional flatwork ironers against the wall to save the space of laundry room – front return.

Some of the products we offer from the Lavamac LR range of flatwork ironers:

LR 2510: 250 mm, 1000 mm lengthLR 2512: 250 mm, 1200 mm length

LR 2514: 250 mm, 1400 mm length

LR 3016: 250 mm, 1600 mm lengthLR 3020: 300 mm, 2000 mm length

Lavamac LSR line – Commercial Cylinder Heated Drying Ironers, 1400 – 3200 mm length

Range of Commercial Ironers – high quality products designed to withstand very hard working conditions and long turns.

High quality commercial ironers equipped with durable ironing belts, 20 pre-set ironing programmes and indication of ironing speed and temperature.

The cylinder heated drying ironers can be installed against the wall to save space in laundry room.

Safety when operating laundry equipment is secured by safety finger protection and emergency button.

Commercial Cylinder Heated Drying Ironers can connect to electric, gas or steam heating.

Among the most popular products we supply, install and maintain from this range of Lavamac commercial ironers are:

LSR 3320: 320mm, 2080mm length

LSR 5016: 500 mm, 1600 mm length

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