Industrial Roller Irons

Fowler UK can supply the full range of flatwork ironers from Lavamac

The Lavamac range of flatwork ironers was developed to satisfy needs of all kinds of customers. The smallest types have the length of 1000 mm and the biggest one has the length of 3300 mm and diameter of 16000 mm.

Ironers are divided into 2 main product lines:

  • Professional Ironers (length 1000 – 2000 mm)

A special construction of the ironers and their technology are making Lavamac ironers unique in very good performance and durability.

Commercial as well as industrial ironers are equipped with safety finger protection and emergency button for more safety.

The ironers can be heated by electricity, gas or steam – depends on the type of the flatwork ironer, intensity of use and availability of sources connection.

More product information on Lavamac professional and commercial ironers.

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