Lavamac LR2514 Roller Ironer

For customers, the most important aspect of a laundry service is the quality of ironing because it can be seen and touched and it’s able to transmit a positive sensation. The ironing quality mainly depends on two factors: perfection of the ironing surfaces and temperature stability. That’s why since 1997 we’ve decided to invest in the development of advanced technological solutions, such as the extruded and anodized alloy of aluminium for the plate, that ensures an excellent ironing surface. Unlike the traditional chrome plate, the extruded surface eliminates all the distortions: it’s extremely smooth and remains unchanged also at high temperature. The deep anodized treatment, then, makes the surface hard and inert to chemical agents, eliminating the problems with corrosion (e.g. the damage of plate caused by residual chlorine on clothes). Unlike traditional systems that are heated from back surfaces, our armoured and sealed heating elements are placed inside the ironing surface, so the heat is generated from the core of the plate. Finally, due to the high thermal conductivity of the aluminium, our flatwork ironers reach the operating temperature in every parts of the machine quickly (from 20° C to 180° C in few minutes) allowing great results in term of energy savings and quality of ironing.


These high performance roller ironers deserve an electronic control that further emphasizes their features. Actually, we offer even three types of control systems.
ST18: standard on the small ironers (S80 – S120/18EM), it allows to manage 3 different values of temperature (100 – 150 – 200°C)
ST23: standard on our medium ironers (S100/25 – S200/30), it allows to manage the temperature (no pre-set values from 20 to 180°) using the P.I.D. system (Proportional – Integral – Derivative). It regulates the roller rotation speed for ironing a rather damp laundry or difficult folds, and manages the suction motor for eliminating the steam produced during the ironing process (available from S140/25). ST23 also controls the payment system and offers a data archive of mechanical operation.
ST46: this control system is standard on our larger machines (S250/40-S320/40) and, in addition to the ST23 features, allows to modulate through 3 heating sets the heating power optimizing the consumption (no over-heating, best heat distribution, less consumptions) and ensuring an excellent quality of ironing. It allows to create or customise ironing programs (wool, delicate fabrics, etc.) and, thanks to the hydraulic press system that controls the ironing pressure, ensures the perfect ironing of difficult folds and fabrics.

Product DetailsLavamac LR2514 Roller Ironer
Roller Width1.4m
Dimensions HxWxD1800x420x1005 mm
Rotation Speed3.9
Weight118 kg, 126 kg
Heating6 kw, 7 kw
Voltage Supply380 - 415 V 3 ~ 50 Hz