Lavamac SP100 Light Commercial Washer

This professional Lavamac washing machine has a load capacity of up to 10kg. This washing machine is designed to use water as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality of the wash. It features a striking ergonomic design, making the machine more than user friendly.

The redesigned, revolutionary drum reduces residual moisture by 25%, which can result in a cost reduction of 20% when doing your laundry. Better yet, the door can swing to 180° increasing the usability of the machine. Finally, the machine door is extra large so that the machine can be easily loaded and unloaded

  • Stainless steel outer and inner drum
  • Industry – leading 440 G – force extraction removes more moisture, minimizing drying times and utility costs
  • Totally freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
  • Suspension with new out-of-balance logic
  • Soap box with four compartments
  •  Door opens 180° for easy loading and unloading
  • Standard with drain pump, drain valve optionally available
  • Top, front and side panels standard available in anthracite grey
  • Electrical heating or boiler-fed
  • 6 wash programs
  • Possibility of programming cycle modifi er options » Added prewash » Extra wash time » Extra rinse
  • LED indication of the status of the program
  • Time remaining countdown
Product DetailsLavamac SP100 Light Commercial Washer
Capacity10 kg
Drum Volume100 litres
Revolution Speed1200 RMP
Standard Electrical ConnectionN AC 230V 50Hz | 3N AC 400V 50Hz
Electrical heating4,8 kW
Dimensions HxWxD1126x683x704 mm
Net Weight119 kg
Product RangeSmall Chassis, Light Commercial