Lavamac LDR1025 Industrial Dryer

This Lavamac industrial dryer has a load capacity of 55 kg. Furthermore, low power consumption coupled with new technology ensures fast-drying laundry. Those are the two main selling features of this incredible piece of laundry equipment.

On top of those features, it has an extra large door opening, making the loading and unloading of your laundry a breeze. The door can even be swung open to 180° for greater accessibility.

  • Full OPL microprocessor
  • Gas, Steam heating, Electrical heating (LDR1025)
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Galvanized drum
  • Radial airflow
  • Standard reversing drum
  • Self-Cleaning lint screen
  • Preheating of intake air
Product DetailsLavamac LDR1025 Industrial Dryer
Airflow755 l/s
Capacity55 kg
Drum Volume1021 litre
Drum Diameter1118 mm
Fan motor0,560 kW
Drive Motor0,746 kW
Standard Electrical Connection3N AC 380-400V / 50Hz
Valve254 mm
Dimensions Electrical & Gas1946x981x1378 mm
Dimensions HxWxD Steam2121x1178x1725 mm
Dimensions P Electrical & Gas2286x1232x1829 mm
Dimensions Packed Steam2305x1308x1829 mm
Net Weight Electrical & Gas578 kg
Net Weight Steam624 kg
Brunto Weight Steam656 kg
Brunto Weight607 kg