Infection Control

Stanbridge Sluice Room Equipment

Fowler UK have had a long standing relationship with Stanbridge Sluice Room Equipment as one of their leading distributors in the UK.

Stanbridge have been producing quality infection control equipment since the 1950s and have pioneered many designs for today’s infection control machines.

Through Stanbridge Fowler UK can supply a comprehensive range of washer disinfector machines along with off the shelf or bespoke stainless steel sluices.

Bedpan & Incontinence Waste Disposal Equipment

Haigh Engineering

Fowler UK can supply the Haigh Incomaster & Solo macerators for care facilities with a requirement for the disposal of incontinence nappies and pads.

Haigh are an extremely well-known manufacturer of these quality products designed especially for use in the UK health sector.

As a company Haigh strive to achieve perfection in their products through constant innovation and development, therefore creating the very best disposal solutions.

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