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Ozone eradicates 99.9% of viruses such as MRSA, C.diff, E.Coli, Norovirus, Parvovirus, Cryptosporidium and other harmful bacterial infections, yeasts and moulds.
Ozone also attacks mould with repeated treatment. Ozone used in this way permeates the room being treated, eventually reaching areas that may be missed by conventional sanitisation such as the tops of high cupboards and hidden areas.

Ozone is a naturally occurring, highly reactive oxidising agent and reacts with odour molecules to break them up so it destroys odours rather than just masking them and any unused ozone automatically turns back into oxygen, making it very environmentally friendly.

Since ozone is impossible to store, there are no storage, transportation or handling costs, either financially or to the environment. Instead, ozone is produced where it is needed, without chemicals and with very low running costs, resulting in a very low carbon footprint.

Although Ozone is very powerful, it automatically turns back into oxygen so it:

  • does not linger
  • does not contaminate the environment

Mobile Ozone Infection Control

Fowler UK are specialists in commercial laundry and catering equipment. We have now introduced two new products to aid in your disinfection requirements.

Our portable ozone generators are also ideal for dealing with a variety of odours and smells as the ozone produced actually breaks up the molecules which cause the odours, rather than just masking them.

***we currently have some stock remaining although this is limited due to popular demand***

Products Available (select image for full spec sheet)

12.5g3 per hour                          

10g3 per hour

Ozone Disinfection for Commercial Laundry Rooms

Our Ozone disinfection system has been designed and developed in the UK to disinfect and deodorise laundry at temperatures below 30°C reducing energy and water usage by over 30% annually and detergent costs by over 45%

One of the main advantages is that it can be integrated into most leading makes and models of commercial and industrial washing machines without any modifications to the equipment.

Designed to service the needs of organisations where hygiene is a priority and cost control is important, which include the following:

  • Care and Residential Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals and Private Practices
  • Contract Cleaners
  • Hotels and Spas
  • Shared Accommodations and Housing Associations
  • Veterinary and Equestrian
  • Cruise Ships

Available on our ‘Complete Care’ package with no capital outlay just a small monthly payment to include installation and any repairs throughout the term. Call us on 0800 6199337 to find out more


*People plants and pets should not be present during ozone treatment and for repeated treatment valuable items such as paintings and electronic equipment should be removed or protected inside sealed plastic bags*.

Stanbridge Sluice Room Equipment

Fowler UK have had a long standing relationship with Stanbridge Sluice Room Equipment as one of their leading distributors in the UK.

Stanbridge have been producing quality infection control equipment since the 1950s and have pioneered many designs for today’s infection control machines.

Through Stanbridge Fowler UK can supply a comprehensive range of washer disinfector machines along with off the shelf or bespoke stainless steel sluices.

Bedpan & Incontinence Waste Disposal Equipment

Haigh Engineering

Fowler UK can supply the Haigh Incomaster & Solo macerators for care facilities with a requirement for the disposal of incontinence nappies and pads.

Haigh are an extremely well-known manufacturer of these quality products designed especially for use in the UK health sector.

As a company Haigh strive to achieve perfection in their products through constant innovation and development, therefore creating the very best disposal solutions.

For more information regarding Infection control equipment please contact us on 01200 444430

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